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Savio Dantas - UX, UI and Interaction Designer

Design is not just what it looks like & feels like.
Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs -

Case study Website & Dashboard design - Synergy IXS, NY

Webite & Dashboard UI/UX Design

Synergy IXS is a leading nationwide medical record service provider for the legal and insurance industries. Providing vital support services for more than 20 years to insurance companies and law firms. My work was to revamp their whole website along with their web application which provides a web-based record retrieval and management solution that greatly streamlines the process of requesting, retrieving, and organizing relevant medical records. It was a pleasure working on this project in medical domain.

TeachAnyTime Screen
Synergy IXS color theme

Refining the brand (Color & Font)

The original branding (Logo & color theme) had already established quite a strong visual style which gave me a pretty good idea of what the website would look like. Using the brand as a guide website was designed along with the use of Didot and Calibri font typography.

For the content of the page below, we focused on the benefits of registering with Synergy showing potential customers how it is “Time Saving & Simple Process”, how it has “Cost Savings & Clear Outcomes” and last but not the least that it is a “Secure Web Portal”. These three being the core highlights on the homepage.

Synergy IXS font style
Synergy IXS home mockup

Usability Checklist for Synergy website

The website was designed and developed keeping in mind below checklist. Morever I tried to cover up all of it for the website part but major emphasis was given to dashboard area and inner screens flow which comes after login, so i did try to implement some of the checklist points for dashboard design as well.

Section I. Accessibility
  • Site Load-time Is Reasonable
  • Adequate Text-to-Background Contrast
  • Font Size/Spacing Is Easy to Read
  • Flash & Add-ons Are Used Sparingly
  • Images Have Appropriate ALT Tags
  • Site Has Custom Not-found/404 Page
Section II. Identity
  • Company Logo Is Prominently Placed
  • Tagline Makes Company's Purpose Clear
  • Home-page Is Digestible In 5 Seconds
  • Clear Path to Company Information
  • Clear Path to Contact Information
Section III. Navigation
  • Main Navigation Is Easily Identifiable
  • Navigation Labels Are Clear & Concise
  • Number of Buttons/Links Is Reasonable
  • Company Logo Is Linked to Home-page
  • Links Are Consistent & Easy to Identify
  • Site Search Is Easy to Access
Section IV. Content
  • Major Headings Are Clear & Descriptive
  • Critical Content Is Above The Fold
  • Styles & Colors Are Consistent
  • Emphasis (bold, etc.) Is Used Sparingly
  • Ads & Pop-ups Are Unobtrusive
  • Main Copy Is Concise & Explanatory
  • URLs Are Meaningful & User-friendly
  • HTML Page Titles Are Explanatory
Synergy IXS IA and wireframe

Information Architecture and Wireframe

The Synergy record retrieval and management platform facilitates the process of requesting, retrieving, and organizing records of users. Synergy easy-to-use web application that gives users unlimited online access to all tools and resources - anytime, from anywhere in the world. Keeping this in mind the whole IA of the website and the dashboard was done. Basically users will come online on Synergy IXS site and then can get the details after which they can either signup or login as a previous user and go to their dashboard interface which will have relevant links as shown in the IA (top-right).

Synergy IXS web portal mockup

Mission accomplished

It was a great opportunity to work with Synergy IXS client to help build them create a solid brand and web presence with their website and online web portal. We enjoyed working together during the creative process and we’re happy with the result. I hope their investment brings them long-term gains in the years to come.

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